Fair and friendly health insurance is here!

We take a leap forward in our endeavour to simplify personal finance with the launch of Kuvera Protect, our umbrella of insurance solutions. Under Kuvera Protect, we will attempt to innovate and fulfil the various insurance needs of our customers. The first product out of the stables is group health insurance designed for Kuvera users. Launched with Bharti AXA (since merged with ICICI Lombard), one of India’s leading insurers, as the underwriter(insurer), this is a basket of group health insurance solutions that together are designed to be affordable, comprehensive, and for the family.


Health insurance is one of the important pillars of an individual’s insurance portfolio. It helps you to deal with unanticipated health crises that could otherwise be a drain on your financial resources.


There are three group insurance solutions:

1. Group Health Assure: This is a base cover that provides cashless protection in case of medical emergencies.


2. Super Top Up: An add-on cover. It kicks in after the base cover limit is exceeded.


3. Daily Cash Allowance: An add-on fixed benefit solution. It provides you a daily cash allowance for each day of hospitalization. Hence, it helps to take care of expenses occurring outside the base policy.

Kuvera users can choose any one or more of the above group health solutions depending upon their requirements.


How does it work?

Many of you may be familiar with employer-provided health insurance covers. This is a similar solution except in this case, the group comprises of Kuvera clients. We follow a similar group policy structure where Kuvera is the master policyholder and Bharti AXA (since merged with ICICI Lombard) is the underwriter(insurer) and Kuvera users as members who can opt-in for the specific group health insurance solutions that are relevant to them.


So unlike your employer-provided group health cover that ceases when you change jobs, you can continue to enjoy coverage as long as you choose to stay enrolled in the program.


And before you ask, Covid-19 is covered.


Further, the premium paid towards this cover qualifies for tax benefits under Sec 80 D.


Who is eligible?

These group insurance policies are available for resident Kuvera users and their family members aged below 65 Year.


Can my family be included?

Absolutely, the policy structure allows you to add your spouse and up to 2 children. So you can enrol as a family and enjoy coverage under the selected group insurance policies. You can also enrol other family members after adding them through a family account. You can enrol your parents, if below the age of 65, for Kuvera Health Protect separately.


What is the cost?

Much lesser. This is also because the group policy structure naturally brings down the cost. Since pricing depends on the age of the senior-most applicant, you can check the price applicable to you and your family here. It is relevant to re-iterate here that group health insurance is not the same as retail health insurance products that you can purchase off the shelf from insurance agents or the insurer directly. Any health insurance product should be evaluated on the basis of coverage amount, exclusions, waiting period, pre-existing disease coverage, policy continuity and only after that, the cost or the premium payable.


Summary of benefits:

1. No room rent capping: Get a single A/C room across all hospital chains in India.

2. No treatment capping: There is no capping on any specific type of treatment. Everything is up to the sum insured.

3. No co-payment: You don’t have to spend anything on the treatment. Absolutely zero cost-sharing.

4. Lowest waiting period: Get your pre-existing and specific illness covered within 2 years.

5. AYUSH covered: Insurer will cover Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy up to the full sum insured.

6. 30-day settlement guarantee: Insurer will pay 2% monthly bonus if the accepted claim is not settled within 30 days.


To learn more and to get started today, you can visit Kuvera.in for more information


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14 Responses

  • Avishek Singh

    September 28, 2020 AT 04:05

    Kindly let me the pre & post hospitalisation period details. Couldn’t find the details even in the policy doc.

    • Neelabh Sanyal

      September 29, 2020 AT 04:15

      Hello Avishek,

      We will reach out to you to help you with the specifics.

  • Thiyagu

    September 28, 2020 AT 12:25

    Health Insurance is a very important aspect to be planned well, so thanks for stepping into this domain. I’m sure this product is going to be great as always.

    Can you also add a note about how ‘porting’ works in general and is there any benefit in Kuvera’s health insurance product. Basically am paying for health insurance for a long time, and if I decide to port to Kuvera’s wondering what are the benefits I get? Will this positively affect aspects like waiting period, lesser premium amount because of no-claim periods etc.


    • Neelabh Sanyal

      September 29, 2020 AT 04:14

      Hello Thiyagu,

      Thanks for your kind words. We will reach out to you to help you with the specifics.

      In general, the benefit comes from similar or better coverage, a high quality TPA (MediAssist) and also customized exclusions for planned medical events bringing down premiums resulting in lower premiums since you become part of a group. The additional cover in the form of Super Top Up and a Daily Cash Allowance for hospitalizations make for a more comprehensive cover.

      • Ved Prakash

        January 24, 2021 AT 05:27

        Hi Neelabh,
        Even I am having the same question and want to port my health insurance to Kuvera. Please advise. Also wanted to know if it allows lifetime renewability option.


  • Himanshu Arora

    September 29, 2020 AT 19:51

    Neelabh Ji,
    Can you please tell the concerned from your team to give me a call about this? Have so many enquiries.

  • Atul Singh Mahori

    December 10, 2020 AT 07:53


    I want to become a member of Kuvera family and avail this health insurance. May I know whom can I contact for detail.


  • Ganesh Satpute

    January 31, 2021 AT 15:06

    If I’m buying health insurance from Kuvera there are few options.
    1. Base Policy (3L) + Super Topup (50L) = Total Cover (53L).
    Premium would be 5386 + 3910 = 9296
    2. Base Policy (20L) + Super topup (30L) = Total Cover (50L).
    Premium would be 13516 + 1652 = 15168.

    Now the difference is staggering even though total cover is almost same. What is the difference in second option?

    • Gaurav Rastogi

      February 1, 2021 AT 08:58

      The premium difference is due to the Base policy. (20L vs 3L). Base policy is your first line of protection against unforeseeable medical expense.

      Most hospital bills in India today get settled under 3L and thus in our policy combination stage, we suggest our users to go for a Base policy of 3L with a higher SuperTopUp which provides higher Coverage-to-premium ratio.

      You can refer to our FAQ on “What is a Super top-up cover under group health insurance?”

      A super top-up policy is similar to your base policy in terms of coverage, deductible and cashless facility; but they are different in terms of coverage initiation.

      While your base policy starts to cover your health bill from the start, Super top-up coverage starts after your cumulative eligible medical expenses exceed the deductible limit mentioned in the policy.

      It means you have to pay for health expenses up to a specific limit from pocket or through your base health policy to activate the super top-up policy which will then cover the excess amount up to the policy coverage limit.

      For example, suppose you bought a super top-up policy of Rs ₹30L with deductible of ₹3L. You also have a base health policy of ₹3L.

      Suppose you get hospitalised on three occasions during the policy year wherein the bill was :

      (1) ₹2L during the first time,

      (2) ₹3L during the second time and

      (3) ₹5L during the third time.

      Now, your base health policy worth ₹3L will cover your first hospitalisation.

      However, your base policy will not be able to cover for the second hospitalisation in full as you had already claimed ₹2L for your first hospitalisation. For the second hospitalisation, the base policy will pay ₹1L. Remaining ₹2L is settled by your super top-up policy.

      The third hospitalisation bill of ₹5L will be completely taken care of by your super top-up policy as you have already fulfilled the deductible limit clause.

      Super top-up policies come at low premium primarily owing to the deductible clause.

      Please note:

      By default, our group health insurance come with a ₹3L deductible. If you select a base policy of ₹5L and above then your deductible is increased to ₹5L.It is to reduce your premium burden.

      You can opt to buy a super top-up policy without a base policy as well. Just select None for Base policy cover amount.

      All norms, waiting period and limitations are identical across the base and super top-up policy.

      You can claim for tax deduction under section 80D of the IT act.

      Available options:
      Group health insurance offers super top-up from 7lac, 10lac, 20lac, 30lac, 50lac with a deductible of 3/5 lac.

  • Alok

    September 23, 2021 AT 18:17

    I want to become avail this health insurance and want to port from my existing policy, May I know whom can I contact for detail.
    And how to opt the insurance, is it online or through Kuvera app itself ?
    Please update if you have any facility for Term insurance also.

    • Gaurav Rastogi

      September 24, 2021 AT 01:22

      • Anto

        February 4, 2022 AT 14:52

        Hi, please clarify the deductible clause. Whether is it only deductible or aggregate deductible? thanks