NFO of DSP NIFTY 50 INDEX FUND now available on Kuvera

DSP NIFTY 50 INDEX FUND is an open ended scheme replicating/tracking NIFTY 50 Index. The performance of the Scheme would be benchmarked against NIFTY 50 Index (Total Returns Index).

The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate returns that are commensurate with the performance of the NIFTY 50 Index, subject to tracking error. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.



  • An open ended scheme replicating/tracking NIFTY 50 Index
  • Subscription closes on 15-Feb-2019
  • Expected Date of Allotment before 22-Feb-19
  • Invest minimum of Rs. 5,00/- and in multiple of Rs 1/- thereafter
  • Scheme re-opens for ongoing sale and repurchase by: 25-Feb-19
  • Exit Load: Nil

For detailed scheme related information read Scheme Information Document


Investment Strategy:

The Scheme will be managed passively with investments in stocks in the same proportion as in NIFTY 50 Index. The investment strategy would revolve around minimizing the tracking error through periodic rebalancing of the portfolio, taking into account the change in weights of stocks in the indices as well as the incremental collections / redemptions in the Scheme. A small portion of the net assets will be held as cash or will be invested in debt and money market instruments permitted by SEBI/RBI including TREPS) or in alternative investment for the TREPS as may be provided by the RBI, to meet the liquidity requirements under the Scheme.


Asset Allocation Pattern:

The asset allocation pattern for the scheme under normal circumstances is detailed in the table below: 


About the Fund Manager

Gauri Sekaria (35) has BBM in Finance, FRM and MSc in International Securities Investment & Banking. He is Vice President: DSP Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. He has had prior experience with Goldman Sachs India (Executive Director), Benchmark Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. (Asst. Vice President).



Fund Name 1Y  3Y  Since Launch VOL  EXP  AUM 
UTI NIFTY INDEX FUND (DG)  4.64% 15.14% 11.24% 14.20% 0.13% ₹ 1,098 Cr.
IDFC NIFTY (DG)  4.65% 15.14% 11.37% 14.17% 0.17% ₹ 139 Cr.
SBI NIFTY INDEX FUND (DG)  4.49% 15.04% 10.83% 14.24% 0.25% ₹ 347 Cr.
TAURUS NIFTY INDEX (DG)  6.00% 15.16% 11.11% 14.17% 1.17% ₹ 3 Cr.
RMF INDEX SENSEX (DG)  7.10% 15.31% 11.24% 13.70% 0.29% ₹ 13 Cr.


According to DSP Mutual Fund, NIFTY Next 50 Index Fund is ideal for these investors:

  • First time investors who want to access the equity markets
  • Investors who want to meet the market at a low cost
  • Investors looking for a diversified equity exposure
  • Investors who are looking for positive real return in the long run
  • Seasoned investors looking to add a core allocation to their portfolio


How to invest:

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