2022 Financial checklist for your 👪

There is so much uncertainty in managing our wealth that sometimes it leads to analysis paralysis on what to do. There are too many views. Some like small caps, some don’t. Some like goal planning, some don’t.


So we distilled all the financial wisdom into 5 simple and actionable steps. A checklist of things to do in the new year that almost no one will disagree with!


1/ Long Term Capital Gains optimization: Markets are at all-time highs and your portfolio must surely have long term capital gains. Did you know you can realize up to ₹1 lakh of long term capital gains every year and not pay any tax on it? That’s a tax saving of up to ₹10,000 every year.  Our Tax Harvesting feature can help you realize this effortlessly.


2/ Top up your SIPs: Add to your SIPs periodically – we suggest 10% annually if you can afford it. Since most individuals do a financial assessment in January, this is as good a time as any to add to your SIPs. It is a good habit. SIPs on Kuvera come with an auto-reminder to top them up by 10% at your SIP anniversary.


3/ ELSS investments: Use our tax calculator to see if ELSS investments make sense for you under the new tax regime. If they do, make those investments today. It is the easiest way to save up to ₹46,350 in taxes under section 80C.



4/ Get health coverage: ~55 million Indians were pushed in poverty in a single year due to medical expense. With the rising cost of medical care, sufficient health insurance ensures that you do not have to withdraw from your savings prematurely. Use our fair and friendly health insurance to protect your loved ones and reduce your taxable income by up to ₹1 lakh in taxes under section 80D.


5/ Maintain an emergency fund: Last two years were a lesson in crisis management and showed us the importance of keeping a stash of cash to tackle unexpected expenses. The most important feature of an emergency fund is it to be liquid, i.e accessible when you need it the most. Make sure your emergency fund covers 6 – 12 m of living expenses or more.


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Feature Showcase: Tax Harvesting

Tax Harvesting is a technique that utilises the ₹1 Lakh annual LTCG exemption by selling and buying back part of your investment such that you “realise” gains and not pay taxes on them. At a 10% LTCG tax rate, you could save up to Rs 10,000 in LTCG taxes every year by doing this diligently.

Do not wait for February / March of FY21 to harvest taxes. Do it as early in the financial year as possible – as happened in FY20 you may not have gains later to harvest!

Like all our features, Tax Harvesting optimizes on your entire portfolio – bought on Kuvera or imported from elsewhere.

Start harvesting today.





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