Calibrating portfolios amidst a crisis with Prathit – Tata MF & Badri Narayanan HBL


In this series of #KuveraInsights, we spoke to Prathit Bhobe (CEO & MD of Tata Asset Management LTD) & KS Badri Narayanan (Markets Editor, The Hindu Business Line).


Prathit Bhobe (Tata MF CEO)

(1:15) What are the risk & opportunities that you see this year and next?

(9:02) How does Tata AMC educate a new investor?

(17:10) Do you see any redemption pressure during this slowdown in Tata schemes? 

(23:32) What’s your investing mantra?


KS Badri Narayanan (Markets Editor, Hindu Business Line)

(7:18) What’s the lesson that investors learn / re-learn in every downturn?

(18:43) How have investors evolved over the years?

(20:38) What can an investor expect from regulators?

(22:35) What’s your investing mantra?


Gaurav Rastogi (Kuvera’s CEO)

(11:24) How do platforms like Kuvera assist first-time investors through advice during a crisis?

(13:12) Simplifying advise is extremely important.



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2 Responses

  • Naveen

    May 15, 2020 AT 13:28

    Does kuvera, calibrate existing portfolio due to oil and covid corrections??

    • Gaurav Rastogi

      May 21, 2020 AT 08:16

      Yes we do, we will recommend asset allocation and changes in SIP as required due to this crisis.