Can goal planning help you become a better investor?


What is goal planning and why is it important? What is a glide path and how should an investor reduce risk through rebalancing as financial goals come closer?  In this series of #KuveraInsights, we talk about goals and more with Swarup Anand Mohanty, CEO Mirae Asset Investment Manager’s India Pvt Ltd, Niraj Shah, Markets Editor – Bloomberg Quint and Gaurav Rastogi, Founder & CEO –


Discussion points – 

(2:10) How does the 20 Lakh crore package impact a Mutual Fund Investor?

(5:10) How are mutual fund inflows? Is there an opportunity for fund managers to re-balance or are these ‘new investors’ and ‘new money’ coming in?

(10:35) What is the importance of Goal planning? How is Covid changing the importance of goal planning for investors?

(17:19) To Gaurav specifically – What has been your journey – From a regular job to deciding to start your own business? 

(23:20) Should an investor have a ‘long only’ strategy?

(26:30) What is your view on Gold?


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