Choosing Allocations between Index v/s Active and Stocks v/s Mutual Funds / ETFs

In this series of #KuveraInsights, we spoke to Vikaas M Suchdeva, CEO – Emkay Investment Managers Ltd & Pravin Palande, Markets Editor – ET Prime

Listen-in for all that you wanted to know about:

Is India a stock pickers market?

Do fund managers shine in bear markets and thus bear markets is when active funds do better?

Is bear market when investors should think direct equity? 

What’s the source of alpha for retail to own direct equity?

Even better, what is the source of alpha for a portfolio manager in India?


Following are the questions which Vikaas M Suchdeva answered
2:15) Is India a stock picker’s Market? And what does it mean?
4:19) How much of your investments should be in Mutual funds or equivalent category?
(15:0) For anybody to make money there has to be a Direction, Philosophy and a Process at work. (
24:20) You need to have a process between mid cap, small cap and large caps.
26:36) Innovation in the ETF space and the ability to buy-sell at the right price is the key here.


Following are the questions which Pravin Palande answered
1:45) Is India a stock picker’s Market? And what does it mean?
8:20) Is Mutual Fund industry a matured space now?
(16:0) Analysing the risk ability is as important as managing Risks
21:44) You should invest in index before taking the risk.
21:55) How do you do it personally, for your index vs other funds?


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