Hindsight is 2020


Life is divided into three terms –
that which was, which is, and which will be.

Let us learn from the past to profit by the present,
and from the present, to live better in the future.

: William Wordsworth




What a week!

Sensex scaled 50,000 intraday and assets on our platform peaked slightly over Rs 19,000 Crores for the first time on Thursday.  Amidst all the milestone celebration we also released “hindsight is 2020” – our learnings from 2020 and trends for 2021.

You can download the entire report, but here is a sneak peek into my fav 5!


Risk-taking or animal spirits as they are called in the market is alive and kicking. Indian investors continue to diversify outside of Indian equities into other liquid asset classes which is a sign of investor maturity. We expect most of it to be channelled into digital gold, international equities and crypto.


The home was front and centre in 2020. No wonder planning to buy a home overtook perennial favourite retirement as the most planned goal on our platform. Is this the green shoot we are looking for a possible real estate revival in 3-5 years?


More women are taking their financial futures into their own hands and the trend is accelerating. With a less trigger happy and a more patient goal-based approach to investing, there is some evidence that women make better long term money managers. May the tribe of women investors grow more!


If you stopped a 3-year-old SIP in March-20 you likely lost money. Let it continue till Dec-20 and you would be up 14% annualized. The point hit hard. Don’t stop your investments unless you really need the money.


Value stocks or stocks that trade below their intrinsic value have now underperformed growth or momentum stocks for an entire decade. The last quarter of 2020 saw signs of a small but meaningful reversal in this trend. We have written about it earlier and it will be interesting to see if 2021 is the year of value stocks.


There is a lot more and you can read it all in the full report.


Happy investing,
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Do not wait for February / March of FY21 to harvest taxes. Do it as early in the financial year as possible – as happened in FY20 you may not have gains later to harvest!

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  • Rakesh Pant

    March 23, 2021 AT 17:48

    Excellent insights. Very practical, and time tested truth about investing.