Important Regulatory Update Effective April 29, 2024

In accordance with the latest Master Circular on KYC requirements by SEBI and recent updates from the Income Tax Department regarding PAN validation, it is now mandatory to use the exact Name(s) and Date of Birth (DOB) as mentioned on your PAN card to initiate any transaction. Mutual fund houses are required to verify the name and DOB against the PAN records maintained by the Income Tax Department.

Please ensure that your name and DOB is correct and consistent across your PAN Card, Bank Account, Aadhar, and KYC records.


1. Steps to update your name/DOB in KYC


  • Contact the intermediary who helped with the KYC registration and get the KYC updated. 


  • Visit the nearest CAMS/Karvy office and complete your KYC in person, if more convenient.


You can find the CAMS/Karvy centres in your locality here: 




2. To update the name/DOB in your folios


Log on to MF central and follow the steps below:


1/ Create an ID/Login to MF Central

2/ Click on ‘Service Requests’ from the options on left side

3/ Select ‘Correction of erroneous data captured in Folio’

4/ Select the folios and click on submit

5/ Select ‘Primary/2nd/3rd holder name’ or ‘Date of Birth’ option from the options

6/ Enter the ‘new name’ or ‘Date of Birth’ in the box given besides the existing name

7/ Click on Submit complete the process.

8/ Do this process for all folios with old name or DOB

Once you complete the steps, your name should be updated in existing folios


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3. To update the name/DOB in Kuvera account


Once your name/DOB is updated in the KYC records and the KYC modification request is registered, email us your updated PAN card to with subject line “Data rectification in Kuvera account”.




Transactions may be rejected if there is any disparity in your name or date of birth compared to the records maintained by the Income Tax Department. You are advised to complete the above steps at the earliest.


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