Market Stories in Charts | Week of 11th September 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at interesting data about India’s financial inclusion, world’s chocolate consumption, India’s CPI inflation, India’s 2W manufacturers, global military spending & more.


  1. A collection of graphs on India’s remarkable financial inclusion under PMJDY


2. India has one of the lowest chocolate consumption in the world, here are the top per capita consumers


3. Market share of India’s two-wheeler manufacturers


4. India’s CPI inflation eased in Aug👇


5. India’s outstanding credit card % share


6. The growing millionaire population of the world


7. The US and China’s combined military spending dwarfs the rest of the world


8. World’s biggest e-commerce companies


9. Credit rating of various countries according to S&P Global Ratings


10. The Naukri Job Speak Index has now declined for 5 consecutive months, on a YoY basis.


11. Rupee performance against the US dollar


12. Yet another chart on the benefits of long term investment


13. There are 17 elements that are considered rare elements. There geographical abundance is of great importance 👇🏻


14. India’s quarterly GDP estimates


15.  INR remains stronger than other currencies



16. Home prices in the US are falling and how. 👇🏻


17. Related to above: What happens when home loan interest rates rise and price/rents fall –  a collapse in demand for houses


18. And more of the same, this time in England – massive fall in housing prices 🔻



19. Here’s the number of factories in every state per 1,00,000 population. See TN 🤩


20. Comparing equity valuations of US, India and China.


21.  The 12 largest European companies by market capitalisation


22. For the first time ever, China will export more cars 🚗 than any other country.



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