Market Stories in Charts | Week of 13th March 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at India’s income pyramid, foreign remittances, mutual perception of countries for each other, comparison of indexes and active holding over time, the US core inflation trend, trends of central banks buying gold, how gold performs during recession and more.


  1. Think about the impact on India’s economy with a middle-class boom over the next 20 years.


2.  Value of foreign remittances received by India over the last 5 years.


3.  An interesting research by European Council on Foreign Relations shows mutual perceptions of Indians and citizens of other countries.


4. One more data point that shows indexes are better than active holdings most of the time.


5. The trend of US Core Inflation #CPI since Jan 2011.


6. Who’s buying all the gold? Looks like Central banks bought over 1.1k tonnes of gold in just 2022.


7. And here’s how Gold performs during recessions.


8. This pretty much sums up why we could see another rate hike by the Fed.


9. Chart shows the sizes of leading economies relative to the US in 2000 and 2022. Only China and India have grown.


10. Countries with the largest defence imports, and their biggest suppliers.


11. Beauty makes money with skin in the game


12. Nothing, just a chart showing the number of private jet flights by billionaires.







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