Market Stories in Charts | Week of 13th Nov 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s gig economy, global stock market share, public transportation in India, India’s labour participation, global wealth concentration and more.  



  1. India’s bottled water market is booming.


2. India’s business confidence comparison with China and the US.?


3. In 2020-21, 77 lakh (7.7 million) workers were engaged in the gig economy. This has resulted in questions about the rights of gig workers. Here are the top companies for gig workers. ?


4. Countries contributing to the global share market


5. Public bus infrastructure across major Indian cities.


6. The labor force participation across selected Indian states.


7.  The majority of the USA’s international students come from India and China.?


8. Which country plays the most video games?


9. The top producing states of India. ??


10. A compilation of some of the cheapest home loan lenders in India right now.



11. How much do you need to retire?


12. Number of medical seats per million population in respective states.


13. Credit card spending in the US is rising.



14. BofA shows small caps are still cheap.


15. World’s largest iron ore producers. India is the 4th largest after Australia, Brazil and China.


16. A comparison of GDP and purchasing power parity for China and Russia. Note Russia’s stagnation over the years. ??


17. Owning a home has become more affordable than ever in the US.?


18. The Japanese economy shrank in Q3 of 2023.


19. Key investment theme of each decade since the 1950s.


20. Fund Managers see Binds outperforming in 2024.?


21. Share of global stock market vs share of global economy over the last 122 years!


22. Indonesia is set to become the world’s 6th largest economy in ~4 years.


23. Wealth concentration in the US.



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