Market Stories in Charts | Week of 14 Nov 2022

Data discoveries of the week. We look at this year’s tech layoffs data, BTC’s comparison with gold, US & UK market data and more


  1. It’s a bull. It’s a bear. Bull. Bear. Bull…

2. Layoffs within the tech world in 2022, as of November


3. Guess what, #BTC is now within touching distance of Gold!


4. Good news from the US #CPI data brings hints of momentum seen in COVID times


5. Consumer Inflation Expectations now moving lower


6. US home prices are moving down too.


7.  Meanwhile, in the UK, things are still not looking good. The only one in the G7 to report a fall in q-o-q GDP.



8.   The Mississippi River, the economic lifeline of North America, is shrinking due to droughts. This is literally creating traffic jams for the supply chain. This, when there are worries that recession may be upon us.


9. Just a chart showing returns in 2022 using 3 different strategies with the Volatility Index. #SP500


10. For the first time ever, revenue from circulation exceeds advertising revenue for US newspapers. Something for the Indian newspaper industry to take note of, too.


11. Glass half full or empty?


12. Trend showing % of S&P 500 stocks trading at more than their 20-day average.


13. The flight of retail traders? Looks like that here



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