Market Stories in Charts | Week of 15th Jan 2024

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. We look at data on India’s impressive gst collection, global economic challenges in 2024, price of an Indian thali, global warming  and more. 



  1. M-o-M growth of UPI transactions for 2023. ?


2. Confirming preliminary reports, NOAA announced last week that 2023 was indeed the hottest year on record since 1850.?


3. Based on an analysis by Crisil, in Dec, the average cost of a homemade non-vegetarian and vegetarian thali dropped by 4.6% and 2.6% to ₹57.6 and ₹29.7 respectively.


4. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ stocks reach $11.7 trillion in value, rivaling the combined size of the UK, Japan, and Canada.


5. State-wise registration of G.I application.



6. A key Chinese price measure saw its longest decline since 1999, reflecting deflationary pressures in the second-largest global economy.


7. Historically, when banks have raised their lending standards to businesses, the unemployment rate has never been far behind.


8.  Major smartphone brands all have a larger market share in their home country.


9. ?


10. A worrisome development where interest payments are ballooning into one of the US’s most substantial expenditures.



11.  This is concerning because the European Union is one of India’s major export markets.


12. It’s evident that the building permit trend is on the upswing, as the year-over-year change has rebounded into positive territory after a challenging period, similar to what we saw during the Global Financial Crisis.


13. The S&P 500’s gains in the past year were primarily driven by a rise in valuations rather than substantial earnings growth.


14. Equities tend to rally after the Fed starts to cut.



15. The Red Sea disruption has affected the transit volumes across the Suez Canal.


16. The ever-increasing US federal dept.??


17. Manufacturing PMI heatmap for key markets.?


18. Passive funds for the win.


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