Market Stories in Charts | Week of 15th May 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look data about global trust in AI, India leading the diamond production in the world, US 30-year mortgage rates, oil saved by electric vehicles and more.


  1. 🇮🇳 India continues to be the sunshine spot in the global economic outlook.


2. How much do countries trust AI? This survey reveals 👇


3. 💎 9 in 10 pieces of diamonds sold in the world are produced in India.


4. Share of government health expenditure and out-of-pocket health expenses in total health expenditure.


5. The UK 🇬🇧 is not happy 😩


6. A history of US 30-year mortgage rates.


7. Real interest rates of countries.


8. Creditworthiness of FAANG vs US


9. The evergrowing demand for 🇺🇸 US H1B visas vs the available slots.


10. US Building Permits are down 30% from their peak.


11. Is the US at a point where rising debt levels will halt rate hikes by the Fed?


12. Ghana used to be a model country for Africa’s economic development. Until overspending ensured it wasn’t.


13. Most Bank of Amercia fund managers say they are underweight US equities.


14. Story of Brazil’s 🇧🇷 trade surplus powered by agri exports.


15. How much oil 🛢️ do electric  vehicles save?


16. As Turkey 🇹🇷 busied itself with national elections, its Forex reserves fell to critical levels.


17. If you look at the Empire Fed Index, S&P 500 EPS won’t look good going ahead.



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