Market Stories in Charts | Week of 16th Jan 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on the US average income needed to buy a house, India’s GDP comparison with that of the world, India’s economic growth predictions, the US fed’s rate cuts forecast and more.


1. This brilliant table shows returns of commodities over the last decade.



2.  Trend of how much of their income an average American household needs to to buy a median-priced home. At 46.4%, it is the highest share of income needed since 2006.


3.  GDPs of India’s states compare to countries. Fascinating!



4. Consumers crunched. The largest decline in US retail sales since 2007-08 financial crisis and COVID lockdowns.


5. A chart that shows India’s transformation. Access to electricity among the poorest population went up from 53% to 86% in just 5 years.


6.  The US Dollar, perhaps on a bearish trend.


7. The top Gulf State-owned Funds and where they invested in 2022


8. India’s economy will be about 20% larger than UK by 2027.


9. Results of a poll of leading economists by the WSJ about when they expect the Fed to start cutting rates. Most believe it would not happen before Q4 2023


10. If user car prices in US are an indicator of inflation rates, they were down 14.9% over the past year, the largest YoY decline on record.


11. And did you say eggs? Here’s how the prices have moved over last 12 months ~ more than 2x.


12. The worst years for US stock market in a chart.


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