Market Stories in Charts | Week of 16th October 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s rise to one of the leading economies, India’s housing market, some sweet data on various deserts across India and more. 



  1. Data from the National Housing Bank shows that the All-India House Price Index grew 4.56% (Y-o-Year) in Q1 2023. Accounting for inflation, the overall house prices across the country saw a decline of 1.42%.  ?


2. Sending some virtual sweets this festive season with the most popular sweets from every state. ?


3. India boasts a substantial GDP, with each state rivaling the GDP of entire nations. We’ve mapped out countries matching the GDP of Indian states for a unique perspective.


4. India’s nuclear energy generation over 10 years.


5. While foreign dignitaries have been praising our metro system, here is quick look at India’s metro system. ??


6. An interesting look at India’s rise in the world’s largest economies. 


7. Yet another look at India’s progress ?


8. IMF’s growth and inflation forecast.


9. India’s mutual fund industry is growing steadily.??


10. Diversity and inclusion in India’s workforce is still a cause of concern.


11. Global export by country in 2022.


12. Who are leading countries in the global academic landscape?


13. Just 7 cos. carrying the S&P500! PE ratio of S&P7  comprising Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc., Meta Platforms Inc. Microsoft Corp., NVIDIA Corp., Inc. and Tesla Inc is 45 vs just 19 for the rest 493.


14. Count of stocks making up the aggregate value of all active mutual fund investments in India.


15. US Housing Affordability Index lowest since 1985!


16. Switching jobs is no longer as lucrative as it used to be.


17. 75% of debts of companies in S&P 500 is fixed. Reason why they are largely unaffected by the rate hikes.


18. The rise and rise of Lego, one block at a time.


19. Fed’s tightest monetary policy in 4 decades.


20. The seasonality of small caps ?


21. $156 trillion of U.S. Assets look like this: ?


22. Compared to S&P500 companies, Russell 2K companies in for greater debt rollover shocks in the short-term.


23. Will AI replace humans? At StackOverflow, it’s evident. ?


24. All of China’s trade.


25) Treasury vs S&P 500. For the first time in US history, cash gives better returns than stocks!






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