Market Stories in Charts | Week of 20th May 2024

Presenting data discoveries of the week in charts. We look at data on total wealth held by the top 10% of population across countries, tea production in India, share of domestic institutional investors, the world’s favourite top 10 dishes, the highest-grossing artist in history and more.


1.  The proportion of the country’s total wealth held by the top 10% of our population.


2. India is the 2nd largest producer of tea, and Assam supplies more than 50% of it.


3. Share of domestic institutional investors in NSE-listed companies is on the rise.


4. Here are the world’s favourite top 10 dishes.


5. After her record-breaking “Eras Tour”, Taylor Swift became the highest-grossing artist in history.


6. Total S&P Returns over the last 7 years.


7. Global investment in clean energy grew to over $1.7 trillion in 2023.


8. The top exports in Asian countries.


9. Annual home improvement and repair spending is set to decline for the 1st time since 2009.


10. The biggest salt-producing countries in 2023.


11. Gold-to-Silver ratio over 200 years.


12. Private infrastructure investment highlights a 5% decline in total investment & regional disparities.


13. The top startup cities around the world.


14. Monthly trend of FPI investments in equity and debt.


15. Female labour force participation.


16. Govt. debt vs 10Y bond yields in G10, Eurozone and Emerging Markets in 2024.


17. The US yield curve has been inverted for a while now.


18. Relative Forward PE for US small cap stocks vs Large caps.


19. The share of Gold assets in global wealth has shrunk to ~1% now.


20. US business activity expands.




Disclaimer: The post, charts and graphs featured in this blog have been curated from various sources on and the web, and represent the perspectives & analyses of the original authors. The ideas and views expressed in these charts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kuvera. Furthermore, Kuvera’s commentary on each post is based solely on the data shown within the chart itself and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the data presented. Kuvera is not liable for any interpretations or decisions made by readers based on the featured charts. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence.


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