Market Stories in Charts | Week of 20th Nov 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the global carbon emission numbers, India’s most polluted cities in India, extreme consumerism and more. 



  1. North India’s major cities find themselves shrouded in a perilous haze, prompting a severe air quality crisis. Air Quality of various Indian cities ?


2. Domestic PV OEM sales are increasing. The share of Indian carmakers (Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra) is also increasing?


3. Market share of smart TV companies in the Indian market ?


4. How are Indian households investing in financial assets?  ?


5. Electric fans market in India.


6. Global carbon emission by country.


7.  What is the source of the world’s electricity?


8. India and China were the two biggest consumers of coal in 2022.


9. Results of extreme consumerism ??


10. TikTok was the most popular app worldwide by downloads, here are the other popular apps;



11. India Business Confidence Index on a 44-month high!


12. Number of dollar millionaire households in Indian cities.


13. And here we have the number of people worth > Rs.1000 crores by city and industry.



14. One always needs more money. Just how much more? A chart showing this across income levels.



15. The oil/gold price ratio trend.


16. Central bank gold holdings as a percentage of international reserves.??


17. Latest market expectations of FED rate changes. No more rate hikes, and cuts beginning May ’24.?


18. If the world population was just 1000 people, this is how it would be distributed.


19. Corporate bond funds in the US see an inflow spike.


20. China’s rise as a car exporter on the back of EV industrialisation.?




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