Market Stories in Charts | Week of 21st Nov 2022

Data discoveries of the week. this week, we curate charts and data on India’s opportunity to become the 3rd largest economy, tech layoff predictions, market performance under various US presidents and much more.


  1. We are certainly keeping our fingers crossed for this.


2. India’s largest banks – HDFC, ICICI & SBI – gain market share in personal loans.


3. US personal saving rate lowest for the decade, no thanks to credit card debts.


4.  Household savings are also at lowest since 2008 owing to the post-pandemic slump.



5.  Here’s the long view. Average returns of different assets since 2000.


6. Rising hopes for falling inflation rates in Germany? Producer prices record their biggest every monthly drop.


7. The prices of shipping container are finally going down, providing a much needed respite to world trade.


8. It’s called skimming the froth.


9.  The layoff season is not over yet, the worst might be still ahead of us.



10.  German energy consuming companies are being forced optimising on efficiency. But if this were possible, shouldn’t have this been done anyway?



11.  A look at per capita carbon dioxide emissions over last 20 years for some of the leading European countries vs China. India’s per capita CO₂ emissions for the same duration ranges from 0.91 t to 1.93 t.


12.  How have the markets performed under different US presidents?


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