Market Stories in Charts | Week of 23rd Jan 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on global mobile data prices, world’s biggest hedge funds, major cause for greenhouse gas emission, India’s development inclusivity and more.


1. In this chart, we looked at mobile data prices across the world. India has the 5th cheapest mobile data in the world.



2.  FY23 could see India’s Tax to GDP ratio rise to the FY08 peak


3.  World’s biggest hedge funds in one chart



4. According to studies, food waste is a major cause of green house gas emissions.


5.  Encouraging signs from US air traffic data. Right now, it is *just* above 2019’s level.


6.  How inclusive has been India’s development? Data on electricity access since 2014.


7. US Real GDP vs. S&P 500 Total Returns since 1930.


8. In the largest decline in rates since Jan 2009, the 30-year US mortgage rate fell from 7.08% to 6.13% over last 11 weeks.


9. Earnings and Sales not looking good in the US.


10. Good times for Oil and gas exploration and production stocks? These companies are paying their highest dividend yield.



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