Market Stories in Charts | Week of 23rd October 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s rise to one of the leading economies, global food security, global water scarcity, cost of clean energy transition and more. 



  1. India’s festive online sales are set to touch record high this year ?


2. Despite losses, F&O trading at record high ? ?


3. Largest scotch whisky exporters in the world


4. The ratio between clean energy and fossil fuel investments is predicted to increase from less than 1 today, to 10 in the 2040s.


5. Popular investment themes since the 1950s by Morgan Stanley ?


6. Natural gas is a major input for nitrogen based fertilizers. In 2022, rising energy costs led to increased expenses for farmers using nitrogen-based fertilizers. This has adversely impacted crop yields.?


7. Real estate bubbles are areas in which the price of assets moved up far beyond their intrinsic value. ?


8. Nearly three-quarters of all freshwater is used for agriculture. Agricultural water withdrawal way beyond the limit of renewable freshwater resources is most common today in countries in West Asia and North Africa.


9. Who has the most number of “queen of the skies” Boeing 747s ???


10. Britney Spears’ new book ‘Woman in Me’ is still causing sensation in the headlines, here are the other top celebrity book deals.  ?


11. From #119 in Sep 2022 to ⬆️  #43 in Sep 2023 – India’s position ?on the Speed Test Global Index that ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world.


12. Nifty Smallcap 250 vs Nifty Smallcap 250 PE over the last 12 months.


13. Comparing education in India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. ?


14. The fastest growing countries among Emerging Markets, beyond China and India. ????


15. If you are picking individual stocks, do it at your own risk. Because…


16. Mass exodus of funds from Chinese banks. ?


17. Interesting! Measuring the true size of the economy using PPP and under the radar shadow economy, China’s GDP seems to be already 36% more than that of the US.


18. There’s nothing like risk-free investing. 20-year US treasury bond ETFs returns are now ZERO.


19. Angels, Seed, Growth, Crossover and PE explained in one chart.


20. Credit Card debt in the US is now in excess of $1 trillion! ? ?


21. The Great Concentration. Top 10 stocks now account for ~1/3 of the S&P500 Index. This kind of concentration wasn’t seen even during the peak of the tech bubble.


22. Warren Buffet’s longest-held stocks.


23. Interest payments in the US as a share of personal income spike to the highest levels since the Financial Crisis. ?


24. In the context of Narayana Murthy’s advice on 70-hour work weeks, this chart shows India’s annual working hours per worker have been increasing since the 1980s.





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