Market Stories in Charts | Week of 25th March 2024

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. We look at data on ChatGPT’s energy consumption, mineral production in India, the global water crises and more. 


  1. Cost of living across major cities in India.  👇


2. Indian small caps, mid caps, large caps perfomance 💪


3. Gross value added across various sectors 👇


4. NFOs in 2023.


5. Happiest countries in the world.


6. Inflation across major economies in G20.


7. Richest people in finance.


8. EU exports large amount of waste for disposal to non-EU countries.



9. Interesting visualisation of population density across Asia 👇


10. Cost of servicing debt reaches record high in developing countries


11. India is exploring the ocean depths for valuable minerals


12. In 2021, services boosted women’s employment, with 59% of working women globally in service sectors, a rise from 44% in 2000.


13. Cybercrime is a critical global threat.


14. data from the International Labour Organization shows, the share of service jobs in all global employment has increased in the last 3 decades, from 34% in 1991 to 51% in 2019.


15. If you are looking for some alternative investment options, here are your options 👇



Disclaimer: The post, charts and graphs featured in this blog have been curated from various sources on and the web, and represent the perspectives & analyses of the original authors. The ideas and views expressed in these charts do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kuvera. Furthermore, Kuvera’s commentary on each post is based solely on the data shown within the chart itself and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the data presented. Kuvera is not liable for any interpretations or decisions made by readers based on the featured charts. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and due diligence.


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