Market Stories in Charts | Week of 25th September 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the water intensive agriculture, nuclear power across the globe, MF growth in India, the US heathcare expenditure and more. 



1. India’s industrial production showed robust growth in July 2023 in contrast to the modest 2.2% IIP for July 2022. 


2. In June 2023, Google’s website traffic stood at 152 billion, almost as many as the next four websites combined.  ??


3. In August 2023, SIP accounts as well as mutual fund folios hit a record high. 


4. The largest market share holders in the Passenger Vehicle category.  


5.  A quick look at India’s automobile industry 


6. A chart on the rule of 72 


7. The entire global stock market in a single chart ??


8. Industries garnering interest among US investors in 2023. ??


9. The total volume of debt issuance by nonfinancial US companies is on track to surpass the total volume for the whole of 2022 with three months of 2023 remaining.


10. Credit cards once had the lowest penetration rates in India, things are changing now… 


11. The US, UK, and Europe have reduced their savings post-pandemic. ??


12. While inflation has increased by 72% in the US, healthcare premiums have surged by a whopping 249%.


13. While inflation has increased by 72% in the US, healthcare premiums have surged by a whopping 249%.


14. Passive equity AUM for FIIs has increased sharply by about 22% to $78bn in the last year.


15. Agriculture is one of the most water-intensive sectors in the world, how much water does each of these crops consume


16. Cost of a vacation across major economies in 2023 


17. Which countries are the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ studying in?



18. Healthcare costs across the world are rising sharply. A look at govt. Health expenditure as a share of GDP given below for various countries.


19. The real estate crisis in China continues as property developer stocks could hit their lowest levels since 2011.


20. At (-) 45%, long duration treasuries drawdowns now the 4th largest for the stock market in history.


21. The burden of oil expenditure as a share of personal expenditure wallet is still just half its 2008 levels.


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