Market Stories in Charts | Week of 26th Dec 2022

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at yearly return of US stock market,  a chart on Total Expensive Ratio in regular plans, world’s top 10 valuable brands and more.


1. We run a weekly poll on Twitter to gauge investor sentiment on the market movement. For the first time, more retail investors expect a 1,000 points fall in NIFTY to happen first.



2. Yearly returns of the US stock market every year since 1928 and the returns 6 months prior to recession, during, and after.


3.  Wondered how much of Total Expense Ratio  (TER) is commission in regular plans? See here



4. A look at budget deficits across countries


5. The story of Lithium production in one graphic


6.  US mortgage rate since 1971


7. US Consumer Sentiment Index vs Consumer Expectations Index by Uni. of Michigan.


8. The most valuable brands in 2022


9. Change in share of wage needed for 2 square meals a day in India


10. The market cap of Big Tech is drastically down from it’s peak in Jan 2022.


11.  We always ask you to play the long game, here’s why?


Interested in how we think about the markets?

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