Market Stories in Charts | Week of 26th Feb 2024

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. We look at data on India’s energy production, Indian household savings, expenditure, assets, countries with highest gold reserves, direct & indirect plan breakup and more. 


  1. Over 50% of all assets owned by Indian household is in properties 👇


2.  State wise electricity generated through renewable sources in India.


3. Indian household savings are rising.


4. A broader look at the market ups and downs.


5. An insightful thread on the much talked about, Household Consumption Expenditure Survey 2022-23. 👇




6. Direct and indirect plans breakup in MF industry AUM.


7. Who has the largest Gold reserves in the world?


8. Nuclear reactors are designed to operate for decades and are typically licensed for 20 to 40 years, and they can last even longer with license renewals.


9. Popularity of alternate medicines across countries 👇


10. Extreme Poverty is now eliminated in India.


11.  In another update on India’s GDP numbers. Q3 23-24 registered 8.4% growth over the previous quarter.


12. And here’s an interesting take above. Private spending, which is the biggest chunk of GDP, is expected to be 55.6% in 2023-24, nearly the lowest since 1950, with only 2010-11’s 55.1% being lower. Also, growth in private spending for 2023-24 is forecasted at 3%, the slowest since 2002-03 (excluding the 2020 pandemic year).


13. And while the GDP growth is impressive, this chart shows where we are in terms of GDP per capita (USD thousand)


14. A brilliant 3D rendering of the globe showing population density across regions. Give it a spin.


15. US households have run out of excess savings.



16. The richest people in the world outside the US.


17. Natural Gas prices have fallen ~60% in just 4 months,


18. By Feb 2024 end, the S&P has hit 14 all-time highs this year.


19. At $12.71bn, last week saw the strongest equity inflows in 8 weeks for US funds.



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