Market Stories in Charts | Week of 29th May 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look data about gender distribution in India’s MF industry, India’s growth in production of milk, crude oil and smartwatch shipments. We also look at data on the US debt ceiling over the years and more.


  1. Among the new entrants, women’s participation in the MF industry has increased in the past 5 years. 💁


2.  India’s crude steel capacity is vital to fuel it’s $5 Trillion economy ambitions


3. Celebrating World Milk Day, we take a look at India’s remarkable journey to become the world’s largest milk producer. 🥛🐄


4. House prices in India see strongest YoY growth in over two years


5. Everyone has been talking about US’s debt ceiling, here’s how it has increased in the past 👇


6. World’s most valuable banks 🏦 from 2019 to 2023


7. Americans estimate their annual requirement, Comparison (2013 – 2023)


8. Keep your friends close folks! 🫂


9. Interesting report on work from home in the US.


10. Food inflation in the UK continues to 📈


11. Is cash still king? 💸


12. India might ban all diesel cars in an effort to phase out fossil fuel powered vehicles.


13. Cost of Buying vs Renting 🏚️ in the US since 1970


14.  Since everyone is talking about AI…


15. While we are talking about AI, how can we skip Nvidia?


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