Market Stories in Charts | Week of 27th Nov 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on FDI on AI, India’s smartwatches OEM, global air pollution, India’s stock market hitting all time highs and more. 



  1. India is the most preferred destination for AI investments?


2. India is the world’s largest smartwatch market, here are the largest OEMs in the industry ?


3. India’s Toll Collections 2022 – 2023?


4. India’s most visited heritage sites.


5. Indian stocks hit a $4 trillion market capitalization for the first time.


6. Economic projections for 2024.


7.  Most parts of the world did not meet the annual WHO recommendation for clean and healthy air in 2022.


8. Which sector in India has the most number of female employees?


9. The top 10 countries with the largest forest area ??


10. World’s most profitable sports.



11. Which country fishes the most?


12. A breakdown of U.S. GDP by industry in 2023.


13. Here’s India’s income percentile. The top 1% earn more than ₹3.7 lakhs/month. And the bottom 80% earn less than ₹15,000/month.



14. Defaults on multi-family housing in the US near the levels during the Financial Crisis. Multifamily residential, or MDU, is a housing type where several separate residential units are housed within one building or a complex – e.g apartments. Delinquents could be landlords or developers.



15. Meanwhile, the prices of single-family homes are down 18% Y-o-Y.


16. Also, prices of Lithium for batteries are down 70% to $22,797 per metric tonne after hitting close to $76,000/ton in Jan 2023.??


17. The global supply chain pressure has collapsed to a record low.?


18. Biggest retailers in the US.


19. In China, the #HangSeng Index hit a new low, and is now down 25% from its peak in Jan 2023.


20. Tech cos now need more capex than the traditional ones!?


21. The economy of France shrunk in Q3.?


22. This #BlackFriday season, the US saw an overall credit growth of 20% to fuel an additional 7.5% in spending compared to last year. Total spends this year were $9.8 billion. All credit, no savings?


23. This tells us more about the rise of credit above. Savings as a share of income is contracting in the US. Guess when did this happen earlier?


24. China’s bad loans climb to new heights.?


25. Exposure of Financial advisors to gold.


26. Price trends of Gold vs Brent Oil over the last couple of months.?




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