Market Stories in Charts | Week of 28th Nov 2022

Data discoveries of the week. We look at India’s share in the World GDP, its mobile data consumption, nations leading the global unicorn race, the most popular apps worldwide in 2021, how we could be experiencing the best credit environment and much more.


  1. Our nation currently ranks as the 6th largest economy in the world.


2. The U.S. manufacturing/industrial construction sector has been witnessing a boom lately, fuelling recession suspicions further.


3. It turns out the world sends 100 billion messages over WhatsApp daily.


4.  The USA’s still remains firmly ahead of other nations when it comes to the number of unicorns produced.


5.  A quick look at how Biden’s fortune was no worse than other Democrat leaders before him.


6. We find out why mobile data consumption in India is increasing


7. As the conversation on SIP investments eating into luxury car sales heated up after a comment by a senior Mercedes-Benz official, we ran a poll to gauge the sentiment. Here’s what the results were: Y-E-S to SIPs!


8. It seems 2023 might be the year we overtake China in the population race.


9.  How the world uses social media platforms everyday


10. Okay but, could now really be the best credit environment in history? Data on current US bank’ net charge-offs suggest so.


11.  Finally some good news on the inflation front; fertilizer prices in North America have been at its lowest levels since September after peaking in March.


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