Market Stories in Charts | Week of 29th Jan 2024

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. We look at data on India’s interim budget, the aviation infrastructure, Japanese interest in the Indian stock market, and more. 



  1. Interim budget allocation across ministries.?


2.  Digital payments have been through the roof in recent years?


3. The finance minister trimmed the fiscal deficit target for FY24 to 5.8 per cent of GDP in her recent budget.


4. Average flat sizes in top Indian cities up by 11% in 2023.


5. The Indian govt aims to add 100 more airports by 2024, here are the existing ones. ?


6. Japanese equities, represented in this graphic by the Nikkei 225, were one of the strongest performers of the year.


7. SEBI recently issued the consultation paper to revise and revamp nomination facilities in the Indian Securities Market.


8.  According to the Global Carbon Atlas, the world’s top polluters are China, India, and the U.S., which accounted for 52% of the world’s CO₂ in 2021.


9. Tighter lending standards historically have reliably anticipated a rise in the unemployment rate since 1990. ?


10. India building the fastest since 2015, based on total Built-up Surface Area by Global Human Settlements data.


11.  Japanese retail investors are showing increasing interest in Indian stocks.


12. India’s ~$575 billion budget at a glance.


13. The plan to bring down India’s fiscal deficit.


14. Historical rise in US credit card interest rates.



15. S&P 500 is up 5000% + since 1970 in nominal terms. When adjusted for inflation, it is still up 500%.


16. In the US, this is probably one of the tightest markets in history. Just 26% of stocks are outperforming the index.??


17. How high are the US stock market valuation currently??


18. Long on Gold???


19. Almost 90% of US HH debt is fixed-rate.?



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