Market Stories in Charts | Week of 30th October 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s rise to one of the leading economies, global imports and exports, India’s MSME demography, global wealth by person and more. 



  1. India’s renewable energy capacity is steadily increasing. ?


2. Data on India’s small-town investments ?


3. Global imports in a chart ?


4. Top global exporters in the world.


5. India’s journey towards one of the largest economies in the world.


6. The richest countries in the world by per capita wealth.


7.  We Work Global is o the verge of bankruptcy. Here’s a timeline of the rise and fall of the organisation. ?


8. In 2002, there were over 30,000 managed investment products in the US. By June 30, 2023, that number had surged to over 742,000 and it is expected to touch 1 million by 2031.


9. Workforce reduction across major IT companies in India??


10. The most air-polluted cities.


11. The growing influence of the social media influencers. ?


12. Asia will soon dominate the global GDP share.


13. How are women doing as entrepreneurs in India? This map shows the percentage of MSMEs owned by women in each state ?? ??



14. Time as an investing strategy. Chart shows that if you invest for 7 years of more, it increases you odds of crossing the 10% ROI threshhold.


15. Charts for insights on vegetable inflation in India ? ? ? ?


16. Carbon dioxide emissions per kg of different foods ??


17. Credit Card debt in the US is now in excess of $1 trillion! ? ?


18. “Every generation has its bubble.”


19. Share of urban people living in slums has decreased in most countries.


20. It seems that just before a recession hits, US GDP growth has been strong.?


21. Drawdowns of S&P500 since 1950 – how much and how often.


22. The curious case of Venezuela | When you live by petroleum, you…


23. According to BoFA research, 71% of financial advisors hold 0-1% of assets in gold. Lack of diversification?


24. A perspective on rental income.


25. Countries with most number of nuclear reactors.?


26. Yet another chart that busts the “timing the market” myth.



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