Market Stories in Charts | Week of 4th September 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at interesting data about India’s startup market, India’s digital penetration, the global economic freedom index, China’s economic health, BRICS expansion & more.


1. A collection of infographics on India’s vibrant startup ecosystem ? ??


2. India’s digital penetration, with one of the largest digitally active population ?


3. The Index of Economic Freedom 2023


4. As BRICS get 6 new members, here’s how the older members have done ?


5. Tourism in India: Domestic travel has bounced back, but foreign travellers to India still under 2019 levels. Vishakhapatnam, Varanasi, Madurai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Kolkata see the biggest decline. ??


6. The relation between gold price and US debt ?


7. SIP investments are growing steadily. ?


8. Venture funding in the US?


9. The US streaming services with the largest subscribers ?


10. With all of the EV conversations in India, here is what China’s EV industry is looking like ??


11. Global central bank rates ?


12. Another data on China’s economic health ??


13. ? Car ownership in every state of India ??


14. ?? Brazil lost a decade ? due to the fall in commodity prices. And it seems to be back ?.


15.  Real house prices have jumped 3.25 x in ?? Canada since 2000. Adjustment, or a bubble?



16. 10Y stock performance of companies with higher paid CEOs vs the lower paid ones ??


17. Impact of inflation in the US since 2000. ? TVs have gotten cheaper, while ? hospital services are now a lot more expensive.


18. Dividend yields of MSCI Emerging Markets Index are 2x that of the S&P 500. Apna time aa gaya?



19. The 25 best stocks from 1926-2022. These have created nearly 33%, or over $17.6 trillion of all shareholder wealth.


20. Weight-loss and Type 2 diabetes drugs Ozempic/Wegovy by Novo Nordisk are creating waves in Denmark’s economy (drug maker’s home country). In fact, their govt. now publishes its GDP data excluding them, and here’s what happens. Blue is Denmark’s total GDP growth ?? 1.7% . Orange is contribution of country’s pharmaceutical industry to GDP ?? 2%, and green is the GDP without pharma ?? -0.3%!


21.  Ending with this interesting take ?


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