Market Stories in Charts | Week of 5th Dec 2022

Data discoveries of the week. This week we compare India’s economic growth to that of developed nations, the resilience of Indian Rupee, majority of the world experiencing double digits inflation rate and more.


1. A four-decade comparison of India’s growth vs advanced economies.



2. The resilience of the Indian Rupee in one chart


3. Some stats on the Indian Crypto scene by Harish Krishnan. In FY 22, India added 2 cr unique users on crypto apps. For context roughly we had the same number of new investors in stock markets, and 1.2 Cr unique investors in the MF industry in 12 months ending June 2022.


4.  Another one. This is a trendline showing India’s share of global new installs of Crypto apps. Notice the lockdown surge.


5.  The incredible illiquidity of FTX balance sheet, once one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges


6. Did you know that almost half of the countries in the world are seeing double-digit inflation rates?


7. Amidst increasing chatter on recession, this data from US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the US job market is still quite robust.


8. Price of Crude Oil fell steadily after March highs, now almost at the same levels as 1 Jan.


9.  This incredible chart shows the dramatic fall of important supply chain indicators in the US, like used car prices, supplier delivery time, petrol and more.


10. Agriculture growth in India, broken down by verticals


11. Distressed bonds and bad loans in US rising again after post-pandemic ease out.


12. Will the RBI continue to raise rates if the FED does it?

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