Market Stories in Charts | Week of 6th Feb 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on Indian startup fundings in 2022,  global headline inflation easing &  it’s effect on long-term interest rates, Job data in the US, a chart visualizing greenhouse gas emissions per kg of different types of milk, and more.


1. Funding for startups was relatively muted in 2022, but Indian tech cos did raise $25 billion + in this period.



2.  Among leading global economies, India seems to have best managed its debts since Q2 of FY08


3.  Central banks across the world have been aggressively hiking interest rates as inflation rose to the highest levels in decades. Now, the headline inflation seems to be easing, causing a sharp decline in global longer-term interest rates and boosting financial markets in advanced economies and emerging markets alike.


4. Job data in the US is now looking very good.


5.  But some say that a recession has always been preceded by good employment numbers. See the chart on recessions and employment rate.


6.  Food for thought. This chart visualizes greenhouse gas emissions per kg of different types of milk. Looks like cow’s milk causes the highest emissions and oat milk the lowest.


7. Top 20 Cities for the wealthiest folks in the world.


8. Are EVs getting mainstream globally? Data shows they cross 10% market share for the first time globally in 2022.


9. US Retail Sales growth trends. A spike in borrowing and a reduction in savings ensured it didn’t fall more last year.


10. Bond portfolios hit US banks. Over 1000 banks took losses of $4.7 billion in 2022.



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