Market Stories in Charts | Week of 6th March 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on gender participation in investment,  petroleum products produced from 1 barrel of crude oil, a decrease in new demat accounts, a rise in EV across the globe, changes in prices of various goods and services that have changed in the US since 2000 and more.


  1. An analysis of our women investors to see gender differences in investing. #IWD2023


2.  This chart shows what happens when 1 barrel of crude oil is refined.


3.  February 2023 saw a 3-month low in demat account openings in India.


4. Effective Fed rate overtakes real GDP in the US


5. From 1/70 five years ago, 1/7 cars sold across the world today is an EV


6. The 6-Month US Treasury Bill yield reaches its highest level since Jan 2001, now at 5.34%.


7. Data centres and Gaming are driving excellent business for leading chipmakers Nvidia and AMD.


8. Here’s how prices of various goods and services have changed in the US since 2000.


9. Server shipments from leading OEMs are on a downward trajectory.


10. Correlation between Bank of Canada and Fed Rates.


11. Battery manufacturing capacity of leading nations. India’s Li discovery, if proven viable, could change this?







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