Market Stories in Charts | Week of 6th Nov 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s gold reserves, the viral work hours in India, mutual fund investing in IPO, SIP inflows hiting record high and more. 



  1. Jamui district in Bihar has India’s largest gold reserve, here are the states with the largest gold reserves in India. 


2. Are Indians working hard enough? A look at the working hours across major economies in light of the viral work hour debate.  ?


3. Which sector contributes how much to India’s GDP? ?


4. While global warming is a collective challenge, it’s important to acknowledge that certain countries bear a disproportionate responsibility for its impact.


5. About 795 million people are undernourished globally, food insecurity is a global concern.


6. It’s time for India to take public health seriously.


7.  Yet another chart depicting India’s growing contribution to the world economy. ?


8. Do mutual funds give you IPO exposure?


9. We are reiterating, do not delay your investments. ??


10. Did you know that baby boomers own half of the USA’s $156 trillion in assets despite making up just 21% of the country’s population?


11. The airline industry is experiencing a resurgence, with a remarkable 30% increase in traffic and a staggering 50% growth in revenue year-on-year in 2022.


12. 1Y, 3Y, 5Y and 10Y returns on different asset classes in India.


13. SIP inflows shot to a record high in October 2023



14. India’ per capita GDP growth vs other Asia-Pacific countries and Emerging Markets.


15. Projected balance of the social security trust fund in the US.


16. Food inflation in OECD countries. Check out Turkey! ??


17. World’s leading cotton producers. ?


18. US youth unemployment rate vs overall unemployment rate.


19. Published in the 1800s, a book by the farmer Samuel Benner has this chart on economic cycles. Almost “Nostradamic”?


20. GDP per capita growth for Russia vs the Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) and Poland.?


21. Personal savings rate in the US is at a record low, with credit card debt at historic highs.


22. Not just credit card debt, the total household debt in the United States also reached an all-time high of $17.3 trillion.


23. Worst performing stocks in 2022 are now the best, and vice versa.


24. Commercial bank credit in the US has dropped by over 2%, for only the 3 time in history.


25. Apple’s $604 billion stock buyback over the past 10 years is bigger than the market cap of 492 companies in the S&P 500.?


26. While the Developed markets contributed just 19% of global output growth, Emerging Markets generated a whopping 65%.



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