Market Stories in Charts | Week of 9th October 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look at some fascinating data on the India’s changing demography, GST revenue trends, global inflation, unmet mental health needs, impact investors and more. 



  1. A emerging change in India’s demography ????


2. Global investment in low-carbon energy technology surged to a record level in 2022 but still remains miniscule compared to oil and gas energy ?


3. India’s GST revenue growth hit a 27-month low at 10.2% in September, down from the preceding two months’ approximately 10.8%. However, collections saw a 2.3% uptick compared to August, reaching ₹1,62,712 crore.



4. Sectors responsible for generating the most number of billionaires.


5. State-wise GST collection in India last month. ??


6. What issues are the Indian women MPs focusing on? #womensreservationbill


7. Space race: Companies dominating the satellite sphere ??


8. Mental health benefits remain the most overlooked workplace need.


9. Inflation cooling but remains elevated ??


10. Where does the US retail investor’s interest lie?


11. Who are the real impact investors?


12. Real estate investments in India.


13. Latest month on month change in CPI. ? 


14. Claudia Goldin has been awarded the Nobel Prize in economic sciences this year. Here’s a graphic showing her landmark study on female participation in the labour market over a 200 year period.


15. What good has globalisation done? The share of workers in extreme poverty went down from 26% to 6% between 2000 and 2022, fastest ever in history. #GlobalEconomy


16. Staying on the above theme, the chart here shows that share of those living on the lowest poverty threshold have significantly reduced. #GlobalEconomy


17. ? Orange juice prices are up 270% since the pandemic hit, as crop diseases and hurricanes struck a blow to supply. Commodity up 300% since 2020.


18. Live cattle prices outperforming other asset classes.


19. The 100-year Austrian govt. bond is rolling down the slope.


20. US population growth is now almost 0%.


21. U.S. Treasuries are now more volatile than Gold.


22. Highly leveraged | South Asian countries had average 86% debt to GDP ration.


23. Relationship between inflation expectation vs actual inflation ?


24. Almost half of US-listed firms are loss-making.  With rising interest rates and lower liquidity, how will they survive?


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