Our Diwali picks ?


Wishing you a Diwali that brings happiness and joy to you and your loved ones. As they say, darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

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There are no Diwali picks. Nor do they work.


But do ponder why would an expert’s ability to pick investments go up on Diwali if it doesn’t work on most other days!


Since you are here, a few things you can consider doing with your investments to celebrate the Festival of Lights


1. Upsize your SIP. Add 5 – 10%. In the same funds in which you have active SIPs.


2. Top up your index fund investments if you have extra cash lying around or if you win big gambling (statutory warning: don’t gamble).


3. Rebalance to your target asset allocation. If you add your goals on Kuvera we will suggest a model asset allocation and track it for you.


Let’s go back to celebrating with family & friends now. Markets can wait.


Happy investing,
CEO | kuvera.in | @rustapharian

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  • Vaibhavratan b sonwane

    November 8, 2021 AT 07:48

    Gaurav sir your advice is really better than thousand shows on the business television in this festival. It really helps me a lot to simply investment. Thanks