Passive or Index investing and you – Episode 3


In this series of #KuveraQuickTakes, Neelabh Sanyal, COO & Co-Founder, and Pratik Oswal, Head – Passive funds, Motilal Oswal answer several questions you need to know about investing in passive funds.

We discuss –

(0:30) How does the best performing active funds always beat passive funds?

(2:35) For someone following the top funds and its performances in recent times the chances are, their portfolio will not be able to beat the index.

(3:30) Should Investors keep their portfolio short.

(5:25) How does someone choose one fund over another in these times, what is the rationale to follow?

(8:40) From a portfolio allocation perspective, is there any passive funds are growing relevance but may not be the first choice of investors?


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