Passive or Index investing and you – Episode 2


In this series of #KuveraQuickTakes, Neelabh Sanyal, COO & Co-Founder, and Pratik Oswal, Head – Passive funds, Motilal Oswal answer several questions you need to know about investing in passive funds.

We discuss – 

(2:15) Where do you think is the passive fund market headed?

(4:45) Passive fund is a foreign concept, do you think this applies in India in the context of active funds vs passive funds?



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1 Responses

  • Pradipta Mahato

    May 23, 2020 AT 02:40

    All is myth in reality no money is there in active or passive investing your hard earned money helps the AMCs to make money. Long term concept is a dream and asset allocation is a flop principle written in books. Never saw any illustration of AA for falling market. Take an investor from 2017 to 2020, how much red is he in and those who have rigorous AA in place how much there equity value has eroded, can it be overcomed no.