Top news and market movers this week: 24 February’ 2023

Top news

Index Returns

NIFTY 50-2.7%7.5%13.0%20.64.1
NIFTY NEXT 50-2.4%-1.7%9.3%26.04.2
S&P BSE SENSEX-2.5%9.1%13.0%22.63.3
S&P BSE SmallCap-1.7%8.6%23.1%22.52.6
S&P BSE MidCap-2.1%8.6%15.4%24.52.8
NASDAQ 100-3.3%-16.8%8.1%26.36.1
S&P 500-2.7%-9.5%5.9%19.23.9


Best Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y
Nippon India Taiwan Equity2.4%-14.9%NA
Tata Small Cap1.0%25.0%31.3%
Motilal Oswal Balance Advantage0.6%5.3%5.6%
UTI CRISIL SDL Maturity April 2033 Index Fund0.4%NANA
Sundaram Arbitrage 0.1%4.8%2.8%
ELSS Tax Saving Funds1W1Y3Y
Samco ELSS Tax Saver-0.3%NANA
Taurus Taxshield-0.6%16.3%13.7%
Parag Parikh Tax Saver-1.2%14.5%23.7%
Union Long Term Equity-1.3%10.1%17.9%
DSP Tax Saver -1.6%9.4%17.5%
Stocks (Market cap > Rs 50k Cr)1W1Y5Y
GAIL (India)7.8%12.2%0.0%
Samvardhana Motherson International2.9%-20.7%-2.9%
NTPC 2.2%31.3%8.1%
Bajaj Holdings and Investment1.8%16.8%18.5%
Divi's Laboratories 1.3%-30.3%24.2%

Worst Performers

Mutual Funds1W1Y3Y
Mirae Asset Hang Seng TECH ETF FoF-7.8%-14.5%NA
Taurus Largecap Equity-4.2%2.7%8.2%
Taurus Flexi Cap-3.8%3.7%8.5%
HSBC Global Equity Climate Change FoF-3.6%1.9%NA
Franklin Asian Equity -3.3%-7.9%2.3%
Stocks (Market cap > Rs 50k Cr)1W1Y5Y
Adani Enterprises -26.8%-22.1%48.4%
Adani Total Gas-26.5%-54.2%NA
Adani Transmission-26.5%-65.4%30.6%
Adani Green Energy-21.1%-75.5%NA
Bank of Baroda -9.1%43.5%2.2%

Bought and Sold

Most Bought MF1W1Y3Y
Parag Parikh Flexi Cap-1.1%7.7%21.8%
UTI Nifty 50 Index-2.7%8.5%14.9%
Quant Small Cap-2.3%19.9%48.8%
Axis Small Cap-1.1%13.2%23.4%
Most sold MF1W1Y3Y
Edelweiss Greater China Eqt. Off Sh...-1.8%-9.0%5.9%
Axis Bluechip-2.4%0.3%9.7%
SBI Arbitrage Opportunities0.1%5.4%4.5%
Nippon India Japan Equity-0.3%-2.6%4.2%
IPRU Equity Arbitrage 0.1%5.1%4.7%

Most Watchlisted 

Mutual Fund Watchlist
Axis Small Cap-1.1%13.2%23.4%
Quant Mid Cap-2.4%21.2%32.8%
ABSL Medium Term0.2%21.5%13.6%
IPRU Infrastructure-1.5%29.7%28.1%
IPRU Commodities -2.5%21.3%40.8%
Stocks Watchlist
Adani Power-0.8%16.8%39.1%
Adani Total Gas-26.5%-54.2%NA
Adani Enterprises-26.8%-22.1%48.4%
Tata Motors -3.1%-10.3%3.7%
US Stocks Watchlist
Microsoft Corporation-3.4%-14.6%22.9%
Meta Platforms -1.4%-17.9%-1.4%

Data Source: NSE, BSE &

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