Amritha Mani: Happy Kuverian

Amritha is a Happy Kuverian. She is a Financial Inclusion Consultant with wide international experience in Singapore and Cambodia. We spoke to Amritha about her experience with Kuvera, India’s friendliest Direct Plan Investment Platform.

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How did you learn about us?

On my FB feed.

Where have you usually saved / invested your money?

Thanks to my dad, I started savings early (a blue purse & a self-made notebook with entries starting at 5 paisa level were my first tools). Been saving across time deposit, endowment plan, gold, portfolio management and, thanks to Kuvera, MFs too now! Given India’s growth trajectory, MF is a compelling option and I had been looking for a reliable and easy way to enter.

Did you know about Direct Plans before?

Yes but…While researching investment options for my dad in 2013, got to know that a direct plan version, targeted at retail investors, exists for every scheme. However, what has really stumped me is how most individuals overlook this option! Even among robo-advisors, you will find that many sites put you on a regular plan – which involves something like 1 – 1.5% ongoing commisions. Worse, it creates wrong incentives- unsavvy investors end up with high commission schemes that are not apt!

What goals have you planned for?

Right now, I use a ‘Grow my money’ goal. I will shortly add a ‘Buy a home’ goal.

Will you recommend Kuvera?

Definitely! Already done.

Can you share your experience with Kuvera?

Had a fun time going through an automated KYC process. Quite easy to get started (ECS mandate setup with your bank can take time if your bank does not support electronic mandate) and love the dashboard – great to see the worm sneaking up!

Any message for us?

Great to see honest & research-based advice – unusual combo! Like reading your curated list of articles.

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