Krati Golash

IT Marketer

Kuvera is super easy to use & navigate and provides just the information you need!

Harshil Gandhakwala

PSU Banker

I found Kuvera when I searched "Best online Platform to invest in mutual fund".

Aniket Jha


Each time I get a notification email stating that a certain feature has been added…I have just two words – oh wow.

Anand B

Software Engineer

TradeSmart is a great feature. I cannot imagine a site like this 5 years back!

Niladri Dutta

Software Engineer

[Kuvera has] goal planning and portfolio recommendation and also TradeSmart which really helps to save on taxes and exit loads.

Deepak Sahu

Data Engineer

I am truly impressed by the import portfolio and STP/ SWP option in Kuvera.

Aniruddh Bhilvare

Software Engineer

In simple words, I can say Kuvera is best for investing in Direct mutual funds.

Kunal Purohit

Tech Professional

.. the algorithms seem to pick the right choice of funds based on my need. And the return on the investment has been higher.

Amarnath Rath

Finance Professional

As a consumer, commission-free investing [on Kuvera] is a concept I can get behind easily.

Nagu K

Tech Lead

I want my friends, colleagues and other to also get the benefit from Kuvera’s expert advise and direct plan platform to help meet their financial goals.