Bima Sugam: India’s Insurance Game-Changer

The insurance sector in India is on the brink of its very own “UPI moment” with the upcoming roll-out of Bima Sugam – aptly named for “insurance made simple” in Hindi. This platform aims to become the one-stop solution for all insurance-related transactions for policyholders.


What is Bima Sugam?


Bima Sugam will function much like an e-commerce platform, but specifically for insurance. Here’s what it promises:

  • A marketplace for insurers to offer their policies.
  • A place for policyholders to buy policies, apply for claims, and access other related services.
  • The introduction of an e-Bima account, similar to a demat account, for purchasing insurance policies.
  • Linkages with UIDAI, NSDL, and CSDL to centralize and streamline insurance processes.
  • A composition of stakeholders includes life and general insurance companies owning 47.5% each, and brokers and agents holding 2.5% each.


Benefits for Policyholders


Bima Sugam aims to simplify insurance for the everyday user. How?

  • Users can create an e-bima account to purchase, apply for claims, and address grievances.
  • No need to maintain physical copies of insurance documents, everything’s online!
  • Initially planned for January 2023, the launch has been rescheduled to June 2024.


Beyond Bima Sugam, there’s also the anticipated launch of the Health Claims Exchange, set to simplify health insurance claims, making tracking more transparent and efficient.


India’s Insurance Landscape


Currently ranking 10th globally, India’s insurance market is predicted to soar to the 6th position by 2032. With a booming economy projected to grow over 7% in upcoming years and a plethora of regulatory reforms, this dream seems well within reach.


Tackling the Penetration Challenge


India, with its vast population, faces the challenge of increasing its insurance penetration from the current 1% to match the global average of 3.9%. But with reforms, innovative products, customer-friendly environments, and Bima Sugam’s promise, the sector seems poised for a massive leap.


Spotlight on Bima Sugam


Bima Sugam’s ambition to become the world’s largest online insurance marketplace has caught the industry’s attention. Given India’s diverse population, it might not only be a success at home but also serve as a blueprint for other growing economies.


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India’s Insurance Prospects: Bright and Promising


According to the Swiss Re Sigma 4 2022 report:

  • India is one of the world’s fastest-growing insurance markets.
  • Factors like strong economic growth, young population, increased risk awareness, digital penetration, and regulatory shifts are fuelling this growth.
  • The recent increase of FDI in domestic insurers from 49% to 74%, with expectations to touch 100%, shows a positive trajectory for the market.
  • The emergence of over 110 InsurTech startups in India and funding surges in the sector highlight India’s rapidly digitalizing insurance market.


Final Takeaway


India’s general insurance sector is gearing up for monumental progress. With platforms like Bima Sugam, the industry is primed to increase access, employment opportunities, and innovative solutions to bridge the protection gap.  We believe this technology-driven platform will simplify the insurance process for customers nationwide, boosting the country’s insurance coverage rates.


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