How to know if you are investing enough?




Investing lets you create a safer and more stable future. However, the future of your dreams also depends on your investment corpus. Today, we are going to understand how to know if your investment corpus is big enough for you, we will also look at ways to make your investment corpus bigger.


One of the simplest ways to make a bigger corpus is to follow the 50-20-30 rule.  Let’s understand this with an example;


Let’s say, at 30, your earn Rs.50000 and invest Rs.6000 per month in Mutual funds through SIPs. And you increase SIP by 10% every year. Your investment corpus of Rs.6.83 lakh is likely to become Rs.9.54 lakh by the time you turn 37. Assuming a 10% interest rate.


Now your goals at 37 might look like these:


  • Down payment for a home loan
  • Comfortable upbringing for your child


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Do you think your corpus will be enough for the down payment?


Maybe, it depends on the value of the house you intend to purchase.

But, now you also simultaneously pay for your child’s school expenses over multiple years.


Do you think your corpus is enough for both goals?


No. You would have to choose between your dream house and your child’s future. Not a pretty choice, right? So how do you put yourself in a better situation? By investing enough at each stage.


And how do you know if you are investing enough?


It’s simple! Use the 50-20-30 thumb rule.

Put 50% of your income in needs, 20% in savings & investments, and the remaining 30% in wants.


So if your monthly income is 20%, invest Rs.10000 in mutual funds scheme. Increase SIP by 10% every year and by the time you turn 37, your corpus of Rs.11.38 lakh will become Rs.15.91 lakh. This will allow you to pay for both goals.


The difference it makes is stark. You would have corpus of Rs.9.54 lakh without 50-20-30 rule and Rs.15.91 lakh corpus with 50-20-30 rule.


To sum it up, the simple way to grow your wealth is by accumulating bigger corpus. Evaluate your corpus today, use the 50-20-30 rule to ensure your are living your best life while investing for a better future.



Watch the YouTube video above by HDFC mutual fund to learn more about how to increase your investment corpus amount.

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