Investing with legends: Nemish S Shah


Nemish S Shah is well-known in the investment world for his contributions and expertise in the field of finance and investments. He has gained fame for his role as the Deputy Managing Director at ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd., one of India’s leading mutual fund houses.


Shah is renowned for his deep understanding of investment strategies, market trends, and portfolio management. His insights and expertise have made him a sought-after figure in the financial industry, earning him a reputation as a prominent and respected financial professional with a deep understanding of the stock market.


His investment decisions have in the past, consistently defied expectations and yielded extraordinary results?


As per the latest corporate shareholdings filed, Nemish Shah publicly holds 6 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 2,223.3 Cr. So, how does he do it? Let’s find out,



1. Against the Tide


Nemish Shah has a knack for defying conventional wisdom and making bold investment choices. For example, during the 2008 global financial crisis, he invested in distressed assets like Suzlon Energy’s debt. Despite skepticism, his conviction paid off handsomely.


2. Long-Term Vision


He is patient and aims long term with his investments. One instance was his early investment in Asian Paints, which faced initial market fluctuations. However, he held onto his shares, and today, Asian Paints has become a remarkable success story.


3. Unconventional Opportunities


Shah has an exceptional ability to identify unconventional opportunities. For example his investment in real estate during a challenging period for the sector. Anticipating a rebound, he strategically invested in prime properties, which eventually soared in value.


Nemish Shah’s financial success is due to a combination of his bold decision-making, long-term vision, and the ability to seize unconventional opportunities.




Legendary investors have left an indelible mark on the world of finance and investment, and their insights and strategies continue to inspire and inform investors of all backgrounds and experience levels. Whether it’s Warren Buffett’s emphasis on long-term value or Benjamin Graham’s focus on intrinsic value, the lessons and philosophies of these investors offer valuable insights into the art and science of investing.


By studying the approaches of these investing legends, we can gain a deeper understanding of the markets, develop sound investment strategies, and potentially achieve long-term financial success. Stay tuned to our “Investing with Legends” series to know more about their investing principles.



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