Kunal Mahipal : Happy Kuverian

Happy Kuverian Kunal Mahipal
Happy Kuverian Kunal Mahipal

Kunal Mahipal is a Happy Kuverian from Mumbai. He is the founder of OnsiteGo, which has 3 million+ customers across 300 cities. He aspires to make it India’s most recognised and valuable service brand.
An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, Kunal is very passionate about the problems OnsiteGo solves and it reflects in their no-compromise products. He is a family man and a doting father of two.
We spoke to him about his investing experiences, got some valuable insights and his experience of investing with Kuvera, India’s friendliest Direct Plan Investment Platform.

Why do you invest and why Mutual Funds?

My passion is OnsiteGo, my business. But I wanted to create other sources of income for diversification. Investing is the obvious choice but I have limited time to manage my investments. Investing in Mutual Funds is a great alternative as my money is managed by professionals with experience in money management. In addition, mutual funds are liquid, flexible (invest as much or as little as I can) and I can choose the schemes that meets my needs. So for me Mutual Funds score over direct equities, real estate, or gold as an investment option.

How were you investing before and why did you consider a change to Kuvera?

I used to invest primarily through my bank but only for execution of my investment requests because I have low faith in the Relationship Manager system. It would turn me off the moment my Relationship Manager would try to push a ULIP. And it does not help that there has been constant news about product pushing and mis-selling of products.

Kuvera takes a refreshing approach to investing. The goal planning tool helps me plan and visualize. It also combines my goals and tell me one amount to invest for all my goals. Makes my life simple.  And they don’t receive commissions from Mutual Funds. So, I trust them more.

Did you know about Direct Plans before Kuvera?

Yes. But I have been a bit lazy in moving regular plans to direct plans of mutual funds.

What goals have you planned for?

I have planned for my Kids’ Education and a Grow my Money goal.

How did you choose which schemes to invest in?

The fund selection process very simple on Kuvera. They told me the break-up between debt and equity, how much to invest every month and recommended some great Mutual Fund schemes to invest in.

Will you recommend Kuvera to your friends and colleagues?


Can you describe your experience with Kuvera?

They made the entire process so simple and efficient that I was surprised it was done so quickly. Great use of technology to simplify this entire process.

Though I required very little of it, I would rate their customer support very highly. The team was available instantly on the chat and phone when I needed.

What about the fee?

For the service they provide, I’d be willing to pay more. 🙂

Any message for us?

Keep going. You are solving a great problem for investors. Best of Luck!

Thank you Kunal for your kind words and Happy Investing!

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2 Responses

  • Karpagam

    July 2, 2019 AT 16:33

    I am new to mutual fund. Is there any guidance to invest every month and how much and in which fund

    • Gaurav Rastogi

      July 10, 2019 AT 02:58

      Sure, please add your financial goals on Kuvera – home/car/retirement etc and we will recommend a monthly SIP amount to invest and also the funds you need to invest in. We will then advice on rebalancing periodically.