Market Stories in Charts | Week of 12th Dec 2022

Data discoveries of the week. This week we compare India’s per capita income with respect to the world, especially China; look at the global income distribution; compare US & Canada’s stock performance with that of other nations and more.


  1. A four-decade comparison of India’s per capita income, its highs and lows. Then, another for China.



3. Find out where your income places you in the global distribution.


4.  UK recorded a new high for wholesale day-ahead electricity prices.


5.  How megacities will drive metal demand & growth for Asia in the near future.


6. According to IMF, there’s been an overall reduction in debt ratio since 2020.


7. A look at the Y/Y performance of US/Canada stock markets vs the rest of the world this year.


8.  NSE Growth touching the roof.


9. Interest expense on US Public debt rose to a record high of $766 billion.


10. US Treasury Federal deficit at 5.3% of nominal GDP in November, up from 4.3% last month. The number stood at 10.8% in December 2021.


11. Retail spending in the US sees no spike during the festive season this year, it has remained flat since June.


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