Market Stories in Charts | Week of 2nd Jan 2023

Data discoveries of the week. This week we look at charts on largest military spendings in the world,  S&P500 past trend, Dow Jones calendar year returns, Energy prices of various countries in 2022 and more.


1. A brilliant visualisation shows how much of each metal you can buy with $1000.



2. A cautionary tale on timing the markets: This chart based on data from Bank of America shows what happens when you miss the best and the worst days of each decade. Moral – Stay consistent, don’t try to time.


3.  The S&P 500 ended 2022 down 18%. The only years since 1940 with a larger decline were 1974, 2002, and 2008



4. Dow Jones calendar year returns since 1900.


5. Investors and analysts watch the Russel Index as a benchmark for U.S.-based ultra-large-cap stocks. The Russell 3000 is a capitalization-weighted stock market index. This chart shows that the Russell 3000 Value index outperformed the Russell 3000 Growth index in 2022 by its largest margin since 2001.


6.  While we don’t agree with the India map shown here, take a look at comparative gasoline prices per gallon across the world.


7. Take a look at the largest spenders on defence across the world. India at No. 3 with spends of $76.6 billion.


8. The euro started weak this year, but there are indications of a major rally.


9. While the US experiences a bomb cyclone, Europe seems to be experiencing rising temperatures in the middle of winter, plummeting energy demand.


10. Ending this week’s edition with some data you can crunch on. Here’s the market share of companies in the Indian Papad market.



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