Market stories in charts | Week of 31st Oct 2022

Data discoveries of the week. We look the income distribution chart of India, pace of Fed’s rate hikes, US household savings data, Hang Sang Index historic movement, shift in India’s oil suppliers and more.


1. You are in the top 10% income bracket in India.


2. This cycle of Fed’s rate hike is the fastest rate hikes in decades.


3. In the US, declining real incomes being offset by spendings from household savings. How long will it last?


4. Hong Kong’s Hang Sang Index saw a record slump after Xi Jinping secured 3rd term following a week long congress.


5. With $2.21T, Apple’s has the largest market capital, equivalent to that of Meta, Amazon and Alphabet combined.


7.  At 946,000 barrels a day, Russia becomes the largest oil supplier to India.


8. We have said it in the past and we are saying it again, BNPL is a slippery slope that most can’t handle.


9. Data showing performance of US funds compared to benchmark S&P 500 index over last 10 years.


10.  It all comes down the simple but most effective rule.



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