Market Stories in Charts | Week of 8th May 2023

Data discoveries of the week, presented in charts. This week we look data about the time it take for core inflation to ease to normal levels, top 10 countries with the largest railway networks, Per capita CO2 emissions of leading countries, India’s obesity boom is affecting the economy and more.


  1. State of the Indian MF industry in FY22-23


2. Continuing on this theme, here is a trendline showing assets managed by the Indian MF industry from March 22 to March 23.


3. Per capita CO2 emissions 💨 by leading global economies in 2021 👇🏽


4. India has over 1.5 million schools. Here are the numbers for each state.


5. Share of brands in 🤳 global smartphone shipments in 2022.


6. Chhuk chhuk! These are the top 10 countries with the largest railway networks 🛤️


7. Over 90% of global diamond manufacturing happens in India.


8. The dance of rate hikes and Gold prices


9. Producer prices in China vs the US.


10. The burgeoning budget deficit of the US government.


11. Global manufacturing delivery times have become faster.


12. But what’s US Big Pharma been up to? 🤔


13. Is a recession coming? See this US yield curve.


14. More on US markets. Where are the equity flows into mutual funds and ETFs?


15. How long does it take for core inflation to ease to normal levels? 2 years apparently, according to this chart.


16. Is the US inflation shock over?


17. On above, this chart agrees too.


17. Lastly, a health warning for India. Obesity is increasing, and it has a huge economic cost.



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